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“If I tell you that I have an amazing job, a nice car and three girlfriends, would you believe me? How about if I tell you that I come from a poor family and slept hungry every night? I could repeat it enough to a point where even I believe myself. I could provide images to prove it. But would it make it true?”

I encounter countless unanswered questions in my life and I try to solve them with images, through a research, appropriation and production approach. However, these questions always converge into one single obsession: Am I a projection of my true self, or am I a product of my past and environment? 

One of my most recurrent themes in my projects is my family album. It is a collection of images that is growing by the day, covering a range of techniques from film to hyper-reality. It holds stories and events which when I look at now, I can understand and interpret differently.